Pray for our Planet

Prayer to End Racism
by Cathy Beatty, RScP

I recognize that there is only one Power, one Presence that is everywhere. I call it God, for God is all-knowing and is in and through me. It is expressing itself with me now! God is Love and compassion.

As I know this is true for me, I also know it’s true for everyone reading this prayer and beyond as this Presence is everywhere! Love, compassion, and wisdom are ever-present everywhere now! This Divine Love permeates everyone, everything, and every situation now!

I recognize that Love is the greatest healing energy in the Universe and allow it to flow through me and to everyone and everywhere now! I am the change I want to see in the World. There is no separation as we are all one. I get to learn of other cultures and listen with a deeply compassionate heart understanding one another. I ask God to use me as ways to empower others on this journey of Oneness.

I am so grateful my heart overflows with these truths. Thank you, God. I let go and let God.

I release this prayer into the Law, knowing it is done.

And so it is!

prayer for our planet