Youth Ministry

What We Teach
  • God is love, the only true power, always present in everyone and everything.
  • We are all children of God, created by God in God’s love for the purpose of expressing divine love.
  • We are God’s perfect expression of divine love, expressing through us, as us.
  • We learn about God’s love when we talk to God in prayer, when we listen to God in silent meditation.
  • We learn about God’s power by living in harmony with God’s laws, letting the spirit of love direct our every thought, word, and action.

Teen Group

“We are the Teen Group of the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living. This is a safe place open to all teens and advisors to be welcomed as and by their best friends. We connect, have fun, learn and grow. We use the Science of Mind to support each other in creating and deepening our lives.”

— the Group Intention created by the CSL Teens

Our Teens meet WEEKLY during service

Teens, you are welcome to join in on a fun, interactive experience as we explore revealing Spirit as a loving presence and affirming the Divine nature in each of you.

Ages 4-8 and Tween ages 9-13

Every Sunday morning
During Service, 10am to 11am
The God Squad is committed to providing a safe and joyful environment for kids to experience their highest God Self.

Dasie Spikes, Beth Pergola, Kim Sell, Kitty Schuler, Rev. Patricia Paulsen, Gina Morrello, Micki Vincent, Shana White, Aimee Miner, Katrina Wilder. Ashley, and Lauren Ballardini

Babies and Children

Babies and Children under 3 are welcome to sit with their parents in the “Happy Baby Room” located on the side of the sanctuary. There are 2 large windows and sound piped in.

Please come celebrate with us!