Pray for our Planet

“Life is Consciousness.” Emmet Fox

Regardless of life around me screaming divisiveness, disparity, discrepancies, disrespect, and defiance, I think and feel differently! I personally declare that Divinely and Universally, God Is All There Is an ‘I Am’ cut from The One Pattern of Infinite Love, Intelligence, Unity, and Order. Yes, in the world, there are trials and tribulations. I remember that Yes, I am in the world but not of the world. My Godly marching orders, however, do not tolerate me forgetting where I go in consciousness, whether through fear, anger, or equanimity; Mind follows, and manifestations appear.

Wherever I Am, Life Is Consciousness; thus, I choose to lead mySelf and all those in my midst and beyond to higher ground. I deepen my spiritual practices, reminding myself and everyone to rise above and beyond the temporal happenings by seeking and finding the Holy Inner Ground of Being. I take the time in spiritual practice to reclaim my soul’s identity by jarring myself awake to the Presence, Power, and Principle of Eternal Truth. I breathe deeply into a surrendered state of acceptance and gratitude. I go forth and establish strength, courage, conviction, and actions that represent my unique contribution to a more sustainable and better life for all.

For this and so much more than words can express, I gratefully know for myself and all that God is on the job by means of me and as All.

And So It Is.


prayer for our planet