Meet Our Ministers

Co-Spiritual Leader, Cheryl Bell

Rev. Cheryl Bell has served the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living as a licensed Practitioner since 2010. She became a Minister in June of 2014 and, as of October 2017, an ordained Minister of Religious Science. She was first introduced to Religious Science by a good friend and fellow minister, Rev. Staci Hylton, and has been a student of New thought for more than 25 years.

She is coming from a corporate management background. It was natural for her to step into the role of administrator for the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living for these past ten years.

Her understanding of the Science of Mind™ philosophy, principles, and her willingness to continue studying the works not only of Ernest Holmes, its founder but other New Thought teachers led her to her current role not only as an administrator but also as Co-Senior Minister.

She feels that all of it allows her to fulfill her mission. To Awaken those around her to their Spiritual Magnificence and to Create a World that works for all.

Co-Spiritual Leader, Staci Hylton

Staci Hylton

Staci Hylton

As great-granddaughter to J. Arthur Twyne, who founded what was known as Eastside Church of Religious Science, (currently known as LA Third in Los Angeles, CA); Religious Science has always been a part of her life.

Growing up attending Founder’s Church in Los Angeles, CA and as an adult attending Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA, it was not until attending classes at the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living did she truly understand the principles that have always been with her.

The past several years have enriched her life immensely. Meeting people on their spiritual path has provided an even greater sense of purpose and intention for her own life. Licensed as a Professional Practitioner in 2010, she then became a member of the Center’s Board of Trustees and completed her Ministerial studies in June 2014.

Her vision for ministry is to use her unique gifts and talents and the tools learned in Science of Mind to be a model of spiritual awareness. As she continues to uncover her magnificence and allow the light that she is to shine more brilliantly, Rev Staci trusts that others will be attracted to that light and want to learn how to access the truth of themselves.

With the desire for all people to live from a place of authenticity and realize that each and every one of us is love and loved, Rev Staci believes that we all have special gifts to share.

Rev Staci Hylton currently serves as Co-Senior Minister along with her bestie, Rev. Cheryl Bell. Currently, one of her main focuses has been being the Minister of Professional Licensed Practitioners. The last few years have been focused a great deal upon spiritual leadership as well as diversity and inclusion. She currently takes on the responsibility to ensure that they are well-informed leaders that are spiritually and culturally aware so that they can appreciate, uplift, and inspire others.

Rev Staci is also passionate about heading up our community outreach. Some of the organizations which are greatly supported are SAFY which is a national organization that focuses on Foster Families, Foster Kinship a local organization and their interest is in providing help for grandparents or other family members that have taken on the role and responsibility of parenting due to problems with the parents, the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate Program), Hearts Alive that provides food for pets to economically challenged people as well as working with our local chapter of the Interfaith movement and volunteer as a Truancy Diversion Judge in a local elementary school.

The Truancy Diversion Program has allowed her to get a first-hand look at what is going on with the youth in her city of Las Vegas and that role will lead to providing more services to this vital generation.

In addition, Rev Staci also works closely with a local Police Captain of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department where she is on call to support any projects or needs that might require her assistance and support.

Rev Staci has also served as an elected member of the Minister’s Council since 2018 and absolutely loves being of service to her colleagues. Fully believing in the teaching and philosophy of Science of Mind, her nature is and always will be to show up in service to that which always has served her.

It is truly my pleasure to serve my community. Contact me at:

Assistant Spiritual Leader, Wanda E. Haynes

The Reverend Wanda E. Haynes, ordained minister, has been a lifelong student of metaphysics, international motivational speaker, teacher, and workshop leader for over 30 years. Rev. Wanda, now Minister Emeritus, served as the Spiritual Leader, Pastor, and Senior Minister of The Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) (formerly the New Vision Center, Church of Religion Science) in Fontana, California. Rev. Wands was also the business owner of Weddings and Ceremonies “Your Way” where Rev. Wanda wrote and officiated custom wedding ceremonies for over 2,000 brides, grooms and their families. She served as the Founder and director of VirUes RE Us, part of a global initiative to facilitate humanity in revealing our true spiritual nature and simple ways to live by our highest virtues, highlighting solutions for families, and tools for educators and strategies for leaders.

As a member of the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living, Rev. Wanda has a deep love of God and heartfelt enthusiasm about universal truth, as embodied by Ernes Holmes in The Science of Mind and Teaching of the Mystics from world religions and philosophies of the Far East.  She generously shares his own journey of awakening.

Rev. Wanda has true compassion for our collective human experience and has served as a nondenominational interfaith spiritual leader, counselor, and educator for individuals, couples, and families.

As an Ordained Minister and Registered Nurse, Rev. Wanda E. Haynes, R.N., PHN, BSN, MS, SLNC, CCM has celebrated every aspect of life’s journey (in sickness and in health) from birth to death, officiating Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, and Memorial Services and Grief and Loss.

Please allow Rev. Wanda the pleasure of sharing her love with you.

Our Center Founder

Reverend Cynthia Clair

Founder of Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living

The Center – A Model for Positive Living, as LVCSL is also known as, was founded in September 2001 shortly after she relocated from California to Las Vegas. Reverend Cynthia initially became a minister in Thousand Oaks in 1990. The following year she was honored to become the Pastor of the Center for Positive Living in Camarillo, California. She became an Ordained Minister in 1996.

Rev. Cynthia Clair

After arriving to Las Vegas, she became the founding Chaplain for the newly opened Summerlin Medical Center. As a result of unselfish devotion to be of service, she was offered a room in this facility to set up a new spiritual center.

This was the beginning of her vision to manifest a new Center in the Las Vegas area. From that moment, her vision has continued to grow and provide spiritual guidance, as well as insight to families, individuals in the greater Las Vegas community it serves. Rev. Cynthia Clair, made the prayerful decision to retire on March 2015 and made her transition in August, 2016.

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