Meet Our Ministers

Co-Spiritual Leader, Reverend Cheryl Bell

Rev. Cheryl Bell has served the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living as a licensed Practitioner since 2010. She became a Minister in June of 2014 and, as of October 2017, an ordained Minister of Religious Science. She was first introduced to Religious Science by a good friend and fellow minister, Rev. Staci Hylton, and has been a student of New thought for more than 25 years.

She is coming from a corporate management background. It was natural for her to step into the role of administrator for the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living for these past ten years.

Her understanding of the Science of Mind™ philosophy, principles, and her willingness to continue studying the works not only of Ernest Holmes, its founder but other New Thought teachers led her to her current role not only as an administrator but also as Co-Senior Minister.

She feels that all of it allows her to fulfill her mission. To Awaken those around her to their Spiritual Magnificence and to Create a World that works for all.

Co-Spiritual Leader, Staci Hylton

Staci Hylton

Staci Hylton

Staci Hylton is Co-Senior Minister with her best friend, Rev Cheryl Bell, at the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living. Staci’s Great Grandfather was the founding minister of what was once known as Eastside Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles, CA, and that community is now known as LA 3rd, which is still in existence in Los Angeles today.

Staci grew up in the teaching, however did not begin taking classes until 2007 under Rev Cynthia Clair, the Founding Minister of the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living. After her first Science of Mind class is when she really realized the gift of the teaching. She decided to move forward with her studies, becoming a Practitioner in 2010, and completed ministerial school at Redondo Beach CSL under Dr. Moira Foxe in 2014.

After becoming ordained in 2017, she was elected to the CSL’s Minister’s Council and is enjoying her various duties as an elected representative for the organization. Her responsibilities at the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living are focused on teaching, community outreach, and facilitating growth for her community’s spiritual leaders, including Ministers and Practitioners. She is proud to say that she and Rev Cheryl are Creating the Beloved Community in what is known as “Sin City.”

It is truly my pleasure to serve my community. Contact me at:

Our Center Founder

Reverend Cynthia Clair

Founder of Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living (LVCSL)

The Center – A Model for Positive Living, as LVCSL is also known as, was founded in September 2001 shortly after she relocated from California to Las Vegas. Reverend Cynthia initially became a minister in Thousand Oaks in 1990. The following year she was honored to become the Pastor of the Center for Positive Living in Camarillo, California. She became an Ordained Minister in 1996.

After arriving to Las Vegas, she became the founding Chaplain for the newly opened Summerlin Medical Center. As a result of unselfish devotion to be of service, she was offered a room in this facility to set up a new spiritual center.

This was the beginning of her vision to manifest a new Center in the Las Vegas area. From that moment, her vision has continued to grow and provide spiritual guidance, as well as insight to families, individuals in the greater Las Vegas community it serves. Rev. Cynthia Clair, made the prayerful decision to retire on March 2015 and made her transition in August, 2016.