Rev. Staci and Rev. Cheryl

Rev. Staci Hylton and Rev. Cheryl Bell

About the center

The Center is based on spiritual teachings that include every walk of life and every faith.

The Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living (The Center) is a consciously evolving spiritual community, bringing people closer to one another by expanding the awareness of God’s Presence in All.

We practice spirituality as a lifestyle, empowering each one to make a difference through inspiration, education and application of Science of Mind principles, community outreach and social activities.

We are an open-at-the-top organization affiliated with Ernest Holmes who founded Religious Science in 1950.  His message is that we have a truth, but not the only truth.  This means that any and all beliefs are a pathway to God.

This belief promotes communion with other people, rather than “you must believe as I do to be in favor with God.”

The Joy of Belonging

We believe that everyone, aware or not, has the power of God or Spirit within.  One might call this One Mind, everywhere present

We access this power by first acknowledging this and through affirmative prayer.  Our thoughts direct our experience and when the thoughts are clear and in alignment with good, good results happen.

We believe that the spiritual or real person is perfect and we seek to uncover this perfection that is within every person’s life.  Change your thinking and change your life.  We do not have any dogma or creed.  

After Christmas Caroling at Senior Assisted Living facilities
Annual Fall Picnic
One of many member ceremonies

1) After Christmas Caroling at several
Senior Assisted Living Facilities
2) Annual Fall Picnic
3) One of many member ceremonies

There is nothing one has to do. Membership is out of choice. Tithing is optional. There is a power for good, and we can use it, if we choose. We don’t ask anyone to do anything. We believe in the power of choice. We use the Bible, both old and new testament, the Science of Mind Textbook, other sacred writings, philosophy, and current popular books for inspiration. We are not affiliated with Christian Science or Scientology.

Values and History

Welcome to the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living.
Whatever your spiritual path or lifestyle, we welcome you to join our community!

When you walk through our doors, we offer you a sacred space for your own discovery of self… Our messages are life affirming, applicable to real life situations, world topics that are thought-provoking, eye-opening and inspiring, designed to guide our members and visitors to awaken to their best selves and discover a deeper connection to their community and the world around them.

Our beliefs are offered to you in a safe welcoming community built on the basic tenets of many great scholars, world religions and ancient wisdoms. Ernest Holmes established our Science of Mind teaching in 1927. They are rooted in spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical religious teachings.

We believe that “Our Thoughts, Become our Reality” and that we have the inherent power to map our lives according to our desires. Our “Change your thinking, Change your Life” and “You cannot have one kind of mind and another kind of environment,” principles have been noted by many world scholars, authors and spiritual leaders such as Buddha, Jesus, Deepak Chopra, Martin Luther King Jr., Louise Hay, Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson.<

It’s an important part of our mission and vision to create a space for an awakening and revealing Oneness. We awaken individuals to their inherent power and purpose through unconditional love, creativity, and conscious community. What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.

We look forward to meeting you
and sharing in your journey!
Services begin on Sunday at 9:30 AM
See you soon!

Our Offerings

9:30 am Sunday Service

Sunday Service includes a prayer for world peace and unity, inspirational music and a timely message by one of our 3 co-spiritual leaders. Youth(4-8), Tween(9-13), & Teen programs, plus if wanted, a quite room in the sanctuary for a parent with a young child, so bring the whole family!


There is plenty of time before and after our Sunday morning service (9:30 a.m.) to mingle and get acquainted. We also have a movie night, an evening service and a potluck every month. Whatever your schedule, we hope you can join us!



Do you yearn to learn more about the human condition? Do you want an easy and enjoyable way to increase spirituality in your life? If so, check out of many evening and Saturday classes where we come together and increase our spiritual knowledge.