ear Friends and Family,

“Because everything changes rapidly around us, it is difficult to vision a changeless reality. This intellectual difficulty is met when we realize that change takes place within the changeless. The ceaseless movement of life is but a necessary complement of that which does not move. It is life viewing itself in action that it may come into self-realization through fruition. There is a center in everyone that never moves.”
-Words That Heal Today-Dr. Ernest Holmes

Some days, I need help to find that center, that changeless reality that does not move. Some days I have to ask others to help me remember that It is always at the center of all. Some days I doubt Its omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence in all.

Some days I forget that there is good in all.

Yesterday was one of those “somedays” for me. You might have felt that way too as we heard or watched people and “the people’s house” be dishonored, disrespected, and ravaged.

Today I realize that this energy of rage and ceaseless movement was necessary to be brought to the forefront so that “tomorrow” truth may be revealed. And so this too must be for good.

Rev Staci