ear Friends and Family,

Rev Wanda’s talk title, One Mind-Infinite Connections, also happened to be the theme for the 2021 CSL Virtual Convention that took place last week.

Everything is an expression of the Divine. We all get to express ourselves in any way that we like. How awesome is that! If asked, what would you like to express today? What would your answer be? Do you know? Here is a question that can lead you to an answer just in case you do not think that you have an answer.

Look at the past seven days and write down how you spent your days. In reviewing what you have written, you will see exactly how your time was spent, and based upon results, that is what you wanted to express. Last Saturday, I asked the students in the Mental Equivalents class to do this exercise because our collective goal is to demonstrate what we want. Sometimes, I think that many of us lose sight, are not clear, or don’t realize how much time we spend doing things that are not in alignment with what we say that we want.

In looking at how I spent my days last week during the conference, my soul wanted to express love, friendship, abundance, and self-care. That was a good week for me. So this week, I am setting the intention on the front end of what I want and allowing myself to be mindful and focused so that my demonstration will be precisely what I want or even better. So again, I ask, what would you like to express this day?

If I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to give me a call and let us work together so that you can demonstrate the life of your dreams or something infinitely better.


Rev Staci