Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

Real creativity is the act of expression, not product or performance. Your life is your palette, and your dreams and desires are the medium. “We are in the laboratory of the Divine, what then shall we create?” (Ernest Holmes paraphrased)

My question for each of you reading this is what seeds are you planting this spring for your fall harvest?

I believe that for those in attendance this past weekend here at LVCSL, you were able to see what seeds had been planted this past fall and were able to hear and feel what was planted. The entire weekend was about bringing new energy and celebrating the fact that all of us in attendance made it through some very dark days.

We, of course, saw the people in attendance, the perfect sunny day, the bright warm colors brought about the feeling tone of spring/summer festivities, we felt the energy and love coming from the drum circle, tasted the homemade ice cream and it all felt very celebratory.

There is a lot going on in the world that doesn’t look very promising, and yet we found a way to come together to bring the good news that there is plenty to be in joy about these days. We have a teaching that promotes love and oneness. We have a lot of people that we call friends and family who practice love and oneness, and we even have a musical backdrop that supports this new thought teaching.

Rickie Byars is the Mother of New Thought Music. We had the opportunity to be with her in person as she played and sang her music for us as no one else could. Thank you, Ms. Rickie Byars, for sharing your music and your heart and soul. Each person that was present was presented the gift of reviving our own hearts and souls, and from there, we showed up and showed out as we welcomed Unity Las Vegas to share in our Sunday celebration.

Gone are the days when we feel as though we have to do things separately to protect our communities; we now move forth for the highest good, which is to bring people to remembering that each of us is here to be love and spread love. Love is truly what makes the world go round. For those looking to plant their seeds for a new crop this fall, consider planting seeds of more love and visualize what that looks and feels like for each of you.

I promise that if you just put in a little work on the front end, the manifestation will be beyond what you ever thought was possible.

Much love,
Rev. Staci