Join us this weekend, July 28th & 29th, as we put into practice the meditation style Tonglen.
Practical experiences for being present with emotions that might normally cause us discomfort. Through this beautiful art form, we will practice navigation our way through items within our personal lives and injustices and tragedies that we see in the world.
Tonglen enables us to be present and through the use of our breath, breathe through all that we witness and feel, while literally shifting our mindset and emotional state to that of love.
***Saturday, July 28th Public Workshop 
10am to 11:15 – Practical Application, using tools and techniques to shift our relationships and state of mind.
From: 11:15am to 12 noon – Open discussion
Love Donation
***Sunday, July 29th Private Workshop
Program is for Center for Spiritual Living Ministers, Practitioners and current practitioner students.