CSL Presents …

Summer Movie Series


in the heights movie

Find the metaphysical movie message in eleven films chosen by New Thought teachers. Each teacher will discuss a movie and explore elements of the film through the New Thought lens.

Grab some popcorn and rent, buy, or stream each movie in the series to watch on your own before class or if you don’t mind spoilers, listen to the wisdom of each presenter first, and be inspired to watch a movie, perhaps in a genre that you’ve never considered before and know what to look for when you watch.

See movies from a whole new perspective, appreciate the deeper message within the films, and understand the connection you have with a superhero, a person overcoming struggles, triumphing over death, discovering the truth, trying to get home, or creating a new one, and find yourself in the character’s journey back to self.

We’ve gathered eleven movie lovers, speakers, and teachers to present their interpretation of the spiritual message within a film they chose. Come with questions and curiosity – it will be a fun, insightful time for those who love movies and for those who want to understand a deeper spirituality alive in cinema.

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