Pray for our Planet
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Affirmative Prayer

by Practitioner Juanita McCoy

There is just one Mind, and this Mind is Peaceful, Calm, and Loving. This is the Mind of God, and this is my Mind. I recognize God as Unconditional Love, Unity, and Freedom. God is all there is, and today God shows up for me as The Master Comforter. I am one with this Loving Presence, God’s Beloved child. This is not just true for me but for everyone in the world. As I turn my attention to this special day, a day set aside to Honor and Celebrate the Life of Martin Luther King;

I realize that God has given me a dream too. A dream of Freedom, Unity, and Peace in our World. I know that freedom lies within me, so I chose Freedom as I move through the world fearlessly. I am God’s Beloved, so my direction is clear. The Light of God surrounds me, and lovingly shows me the way to demonstrate unconditional love, compassion, and kindness to all I encounter. My faith is strong and unwavering; today is a New Day, a New Way of being in the world.

There is a shift in consciousness that takes place Right Here and Right Now that prepares me to meet each person with Nonjudgement and Wisdom. I know there is no problem that Love cannot heal. Martin Luther King’s dream for us lives on, Harmony and Balance are restored, laughter and conversation comes with ease. Any hurts, limiting ideas, or experiences that may have kept us from moving forward are released. Every word that is spoken is through the Divine, the Perfect Communicator, God. Therefore, every word and action is harmonious.

Thank you, God, for the opportunity for each of us to start anew and be present in this moment. I am so grateful for the calm, peace, and joy that is taking place in my country Right Now! I release my Word into the Law, knowing that this is a Law that always says Yes.
And So, It Is!

prayer for our planet