Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer

by Practitioner Sabrina Fricks, RScP

In the stillness, I surrender and allow Spirit to wash over me like a gentle breeze caressing the spring blossoms. My mind is filled with the wonder of knowing that God, or whatever I choose to call it, is that One Power, One Presence, One Infinite Life. Whenever It chose to create, It could only create out of Itself, and there came into being time and space, universe layers, heaven and earth, the mountains and seas, the two- and four-legged, the flying ones, the swimming ones, the creepy crawlies, the standing ones we call trees, and the sitting ones we call stones. God thought and made each one…both animate and inanimate.

I relish that Indwelling Spirit which can never leave me. I am enveloped in that loving presence at every moment, whether conscious or unconscious. I celebrate that One Life, which is my life now, and my gratitude reaches the corners of the cosmos.

Today, I am grateful for the sunlight warming the Earth, for the pull of the moonlight, for the air which fills my lungs, and for the beat of my beautiful heart. I am grateful that I am generous and kind. I am grateful that God expresses as me in every way. I am grateful to enjoy Radiant Health. I am grateful that I choose to be a beacon of light to all. I am grateful for the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living for being a safe space. I am grateful to have Rev. Staci and Rev. Cheryl as such clear, conscious spiritual teachers. I am grateful to know, experience, and express as Love, Peace, and Grace in every moment.

And So It Is!

prayer for our planet