Pray for our Planet

Affirmative Prayer

by Practitioner Juanita McCoy
On Self-Care

There is just that One Life and that Life is God. God is Perfection, Harmony, Wholeness, and Unconditional Love. God is that Calming and Healing Presence, that Divine Mind that knows how to accomplish anything. I recognize God as Radiant Health and Well Being. God is The Master Healer.

As God’s Beloved Child, I am connected and at one with a Powerful, Harmonious, and Perfect Loving Source. I have inherited all of God’s qualities, so I am all that God is. When I think of myself, I see myself as confident and more than capable of taking the very best care of myself.

There is no place in my body that the Perfection of God does not exist. My body remembers wellness and what it feels like when I practice Self Care. God’s Divine Perfection flows through my body at all times. I am spiritually, physically, and emotionally whole and complete. I am strong, vibrant, flexible, and youthful. When I look in the mirror, I see Perfect Health and Wholeness reflected at me. I am exactly as God created me. There is no place in my life for anything that distracts from my Wholeness, my Perfection.

I love taking care of myself, and each day I find new and improved ways to make my health and life better. Each new day my body responds to all of the love and Self Care it receives. As my body comes into balance, it restores itself to my perfect weight, and my wellbeing soars! I move forward with confidence. I know I am successful; God cannot fail; therefore, I cannot fail!

I am so grateful to have been given this time to reflect on my life and now have a better understanding of what works in my life and what I need to let go of. When I think of myself now, I think of myself with feelings of love and gratitude. I am so grateful that I am able to apply Spiritual Principles each and every day.

I know exactly how to care for myself, and I am grateful to Spirit for that. I am grateful that God always says yes to me before I even ask! In gratitude, I Let go and Let God now as I release my Word of Wholeness and Completion into a Law that always says Yes.

And So, It IS! 

prayer for our planet