Dear Beloved friends and family,

Rev. StaciThis past Sunday we finally put that the old “Stump the Minister” to bed and replaced it with “Ask the Minister”. I am grateful to those that asked the questions and of course for the answers provided by Spirit. Please know that your ministers and practitioners are here to help answer questions about the teaching and the classes chosen by our beloved Director of Education (Rev Cheryl) are designed for you to discover what Science of Mind teaches on a deeper level.

Rev Cheryl and I are finishing our last week with the Law of Divine Compensation and it has been a wonderful class. It is a new book for most of us, an easy read without any homework. Ok, there is some suggested daily spiritual maintenance but it really is minimal. The reading has sparked great conversation, unfoldment, and I have enjoyed connecting with “old” friends and making new ones.

Last Tuesday morning we began Choosing to Make Life a Meditation with Michael Rojas. Funny how such a simple practice can and will shift your consciousness if you are open to it. Our next class begins June 26 which will be Manifesting Change taught by Practitioner Lauren Ballardini which is a great book by Mike Dooley. This is a new class created by Lauren so it can’t help but to be inspiring. The last class of the summer series is This Thing Called You a 6 week accredited class taught by yours truly. It is probably my favorite book by Dr. Holmes. It is an easy read that just allows you to feel how wonderful each of us is. I

f you feel like you want to deepen your awareness and understanding to a whole new level with some great people and with a minimal amount of homework LVCSL is the place to be this summer. Come on down and join us. I promise you that it will be worth your time and energy. It might even change your life.

Rev Staci