Dear Beloved Community,

Rev Dr. Harry was quite a treat this past weekend. As was our Wednesday night guest, Vincent Genna. The wisdom, joy and energy that they both shared really inspired me as I am sure it did all of you that were in attendance. Although I have made forgiveness part of my spiritual practice, it is amazing how something, or someone still shows up that blocks me from my good.

No one needs my forgiveness but I forgive because I want to be forgiven. Dr. Harry reminded us of the importance of that. Daily I live and Daily I die for me means that my job as a human being having a spiritual experience really means that I must allow those experiences that frustrate, anger and keep me from my true authentic being have to be released or I will not move forward. If I truly intend to move forward, not stay stagnant or go backwards in this thing called Life, my practice HAS to incorporate forgiveness on a regular basis.

So as much as I don’t want to address the discomfort, the practice of forgiveness is mine to do for the expansion of myself, my Center, my community and the world. Thank you for the reminder Dr. Harry. I am willing to do my part. Will any of you join me?

Love you all,
Rev Staci