Dear Friends & Family,

Rev Wanda did a fantastic job last Sunday. She asked us questions, told us a story of how someone created the story that he wanted as well as someone else that had to give up an old story to create a bigger and better story for herself. The power in the realization, that we can create or re-create our lives (stories) at any time, is at the very foundation of what Science of Mind teaches.

The law is always creating that which we want based upon our beliefs. Your Belief System (B.S.) is your individualized use of the Law. That is why Jesus’ statement, “It is done unto you as you believe” is so powerful. It isn’t done unto you as you think it should be, as you hope for, as you wish for, but as you believe. What do you believe about yourself? We are always creating and re-creating.

I can’t think of a better time for us to show up and move to a new understanding about how we create a new reality for this country. We have an opportunity, and to some of us a responsibility, to look at the shadow side of ourselves, our families, communities, our nation, to look at the human side, to uncover what needs to come to light and integrate and heal it.

The beautiful thing about this is if we just can muster up the courage to do our own work, it will heal and bless all of humanity. I choose love, I choose peace, I choose joy, I choose prosperity, and I choose to create my best life now! Anyone else want to join me?

Love you all,
Rev. Staci