Dear Friends & Family,

I was blessed to awaken this beautiful morning to celebrate the beginning of my 54th year on this planet. What came to mind this morning was Dr. Kathianne’s message this past Sunday. Her talk was titled, “How Good Can You Stand It?” And although I have experienced a lot of good in these past 54 years, I must admit that I can stand a lot more.

What Kathianne reminded us is that to experience more good we have to name and claim what that Good is, and not only do we have to name and claim it; we also have to develop the feeling so that we can attract that which we have named and claimed. My job on this day is to be still, listen to that inner voice that always knows exactly what is needed, and claim what more I want in my life and what it is that is keeping me from that; so that I might create a fuller expression for my life.

That’s my job! By the way, that isn’t just my job, it is all of our jobs and not just on our birthdays but every day that we are blessed to live another day. What I know is that time flies when you are having fun and, by the way, when you aren’t having fun it still flies. So have fun! If you are having fun, then decide how you might have more fun. Name and Claim your good and allow

The Power in the Universe for Good to Use You because that just might get us to the goal of creating a world that works for everyone. Thank you all that are on this journey with me for accepting me as the minister that I have been and am becoming.

Rev. Staci