Dear Friends and Family,

Rev Wanda said something that stayed in my head all week.

“There is never a right way to do the wrong thing.”

Much like the Founder of Science of Mind, Dr. Ernest Holmes, a simple truth that does not always seem to be easy. My question is why isn’t it easy? Most of us are taught the difference between right and wrong as children. When did it get to be so difficult? Does it become difficult when we go through the teenage years, the day we graduate from high school?

There is one rule that all major religions teach and it is my belief that most children learn early on. That rule is the Golden Rule, which is stated numerous different ways, but the one that I think states it best is, “treat others as you wish to be treated”. What would it look like if each of us treated everyone in their lives the way each of us would like to be treated?

Perhaps it is naïve to think that this would solve the world’s issues, but from my observation, it is my belief that we would cut down the world’s problems significantly. So in essence, we as collective consciousness can start creating a world that works for all by simply practicing the Golden Rule. Again, simple and not easy. But, worth a try!

Rev Staci Hylton