Dear Friends and Family,

Each week that I am writing the p.s. for the e-bulletin, I stare at this blank page before me and wonder what words will show up for me to present. I find that my work, whether it be in writing, speaking, teaching, or counseling, is so much easier when prayed up, present to the moment, open, and accepting to the voice of Spirit.

All I have to do is show up and let Spirit guide me to that which it wants to share as me. I am simply a vehicle or an instrument to spread my own version of Divine Love and Light as Staci Marie Hylton. Again, another idea that is simple but not always easy. My tendency has been, up until now, to not necessarily stress about what is mine to do or say, but stress about all the many ways in which to get the message across.

What words should be used, how should I say it, is my message clear, and on and on until something as simple as writing a short paragraph can take an entire morning. What I have noticed is that all this ‘stress” takes place before I sit down and start typing. Once I simply commit to whatever task is before me and trust that Spirit is going to guide me, the work is done. A thought has been placed in our collective consciousness to manifest something new. This time when we write, we must be sure to be inclusive of the allness of life.

We cannot afford to leave anything that is on this plane with us out. We seem to have a little more time to go within these days to be present, pray up and listen to the guidance of Spirit to write our next chapter that leaves this planet better than it is today. You do not have to worry about what words you say, how you say it, or if the message is clear.

Just commit to the new chapter with clear intent. Open up to Spirit doing the rest. I know just as sure as I am sitting here, typing that a beautiful new chapter is within each of us. I miss and love every one of you.

Rev Staci