Dear Friends and Family,

“The transformational journey is a voyage with a hundred different names: the Odyssey, the Grail quest, the great initiation, the death and rebirth process, the supreme battle, the dark night of the soul, the hero’s journey. All of these names describe the process of surrendering to a time of a great difficulty, allowing the pain to break us open, and then being reborn-strong, wiser, and kinder.” -Elizabeth Lesser, Broken Open

Broken Open is the book of the month for April. I love the powerful short stories of people moving through pain to finding a new sense of freedom for themselves. It is just perfect for the bizarre times that we are currently living in.

So my daily question (to myself) and to those that might want to answer is, what am I allowing this time to break open in me? I must say that each day brings about something different because I am in the space of noticing Truth on a deeper level. It might be because I have on a mask everywhere outside of my home these days that my focus is on that which I see and hear.

I practice being fully present, so my attention is drawn to the beauty of nature, I listen to great music and hear kids laughing and playing, and am reminded that there is a harmony in everyday life. I eat when hungry, sleep when tired, go outside when I need fresh air, meditate, read, contemplate, pray, and relax. John Ruskin said, “The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it but what they become by it.”

What is the gift that you are allowing Covid-19 to give to you? What are you allowing yourself to break open and become? I look forward to seeing and hearing all about it when we see each other again.

 Much Love,
Rev. Staci