Vincent Genna

An Evening


Spirit Messages

Friday, May 10,
from 7 – 9:30 p.m.

 Vincent Genna will guide everyone through an altered consciousness reverie so that you can meet and obtain a personal message from one of your deceased loved ones.

Investment: $25.00

An Evening of Spirit Messages with Internationally, renowned Psychic Medium and Mystic Healer, Vincent Genna

You can look forward to an evening full of inspiration and magic. He will forever transform your life as he delivers messages of love, comfort, forgiveness, and healing weaved through the evidential memories and specific details loved ones in spirit wish to impart! You have NEVER experienced Mediumship as powerful and quite like this! What makes Vincent different is he has the unique ability to thin the veil between the physical and Spirit worlds so that you feel as if the transitioned souls are alive again! Then he goes where few others dare to go to obtain the deepest life-transforming messages.

If you have ever attended one of Vincent’s Mediumship or Gallery Reading events, you know that though not everyone there will receive an individual reading or connection from Vincent, the  powerful messages will be for EVERYONE!

However, to make this event even more special for all, at the end, Vincent will guide everyone through an altered consciousness reverie so you can meet and obtain a personal message from one of YOUR deceased loved ones. Then EVERYONE may have a connection and receive some individual guidance!