The Quantum Living Process

The Quantum Living Process


The Art & Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You and its transformational 21-day practice called The Quantum Living Process™ weave together the latest research emerging from neurobiology, developmental psychology, and quantum science with the wisdom of the world’s mystical traditions to offer a powerful path to personal evolution.

Dr. Rima Bonario,
a frequent guest speaker at
Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living,
is teaching The Transformational 21-Day Quantum Living Process – a 3 week Online Training Course

Dr. Rima Bonario

Join Dr. Rima
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Thursday, February 17th
Thursday, February 24th
Thursday, March 3rd
4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Its All Consciousness!

Some participants report immediate success in differentiating themselves from their patterns and this brings some relief. They see they have a pattern, but they are not the pattern.

While it is not the objective of the 21-days to bring about a cessation of all habitual behavior, it is intended to offer participants an opportunity to develop a new way of “seeing” life, one in which they develop a witnessing presence, where they come to observe themselves, even in real time. They are able to identify “worksheet moments,” saying things like, “I’ll have to do a worksheet on this!”

They often report the memory work has had a profound impact on how they view the story of their past. They are able to create new meaning which better supports their intention and feeds back into the emerging sense of being. Of course the work carries on after the 21 days are complete. However, if done with diligence, a new mindfulness has been cultivated.