Sunday Service

10 a.m.


“Spiritual Wisdom
& How to Follow it

Topic :

“Your Spiritual
Bank Account”

Music This Week


Patty Powers


Dave Marinelli

Dianna Dazio
Wayne Moran
Gladys Rudolfsky
Jeana Graham

The DeStefanos
Rolana Guice
Marlene Moran
Wayne Moran

Youth Ministry

Ages 4-8

Tween ages 9-13

Babies and Children

Babies and Children under 3 are welcome to sit with their parents in the “Happy Baby Room” located on the side of the sanctuary. There are 2 large windows and sound piped in.

Lauren Ballardini
Beth Pergola


Teen GroupTeen Group

Teens, you are welcome to join in on a fun, interactive experience as we explore revealing Spirit as a loving presence and affirming the Divine nature in each of you.

Rev. Patricia Paulsen 6/02
Jeremy Donavan 6/03
Bob Crouch 6/04
Kevin Torres 6/08
Sheila Naylor 6/10
Valerie Hodgson 6/14
Beth Pergola 6/15
Larry Seely 6/19
Melissa Sanchez 6/25
Anthony DeStefano 6/26
Margaret Cantwell 6/28
Rev. Dan & Paco Gerome 6/03
Marlene & Wayne Moran 6/05
Heather & Brian Criswell 6/06
Renee & Jonce Haas 6/11
Abbe Feigenberg & Annie Wolff 6/14
Mortonette & Lee Stephens 6/30