Pray for our Planet

Prayer to Heal Covid-19
by Juanita McCoy, RScP

There is only One Life that Life is God, and this Life is the Life I am living now. I recognize God as a Powerful Presence that is the Source and Substance of everything in the Universe, including me. God is the Master Healer, The Comforter. I recognize God as an Infinitely Intelligent Presence. This is not just true for me; it is true for everyone in our world.

God is in every cell of my physical body, and each cell is aligned in such a way that they are physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy, whole, and complete just as God created them. Spirit is always refreshing, renewing, restoring, and healing every tissue, organ, nerve, and system in my body.

I affirm in Spirit there is no Covid-19, no discomfort or disease; nothing is more powerful than God. Perfect assimilation, elimination, and circulation are taking place in my body, and I let go of any doubt, thought or idea that I may hold that does not serve me as healthy, whole and perfect. I know that I am supplied and supported in every way, no matter what the appearances are.

Thank you, God, for surrounding me with Love, Light, and Grace. I am so grateful that only good is taking place in my life, and Divine Right Action is unfolding. All is well! I release my Word into the Law, knowing it is already Done in the Law of Mind.

And So, It Is! 

prayer for our planet