Pray for our Planet

Prayer for our Planet
by Lauren Ballardini, RScP

There is one Power, one Presence, one Absolute Divine Energy that is active and activating Itself in all and as all. This Divine Energy is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Therefore, there is absolutely no place in the Universe where this Presence is absent. I recognize that this Presence is wholeness, harmony, healing, possibility, newness and growth. These attributes are the Truth about the Divine and therefore, are the Truth about me and about our Earth.

I claim and know that the there is a Divine pattern of perfection of our planet that is never disturbed or out of balance. I know that each inhabitant of Earth has a purpose and function that is in harmony with all other inhabitants. As part of the species that has dominion of this awesome place, I am attracting to myself ways in which I can be part of the healing of the conditions which appear out of balance. I affirm that the Mind of Spirit is the Mind which is working through me and through all humans assisting each of us to discover and implement new ways of being in this world differently than has been done up until now.

These changes allow our Earth to breathe, to release that which no longer serves it and to regenerate itself back to the perfection that it already is. The air is clear, the vegetation is lush, the animals are in perfect balance, and humankind tends to it all with loving intention. The opportunities to bring these changes about are made clear and the path to this experience is wide open. Each person steps into their role to be an agent of healing with ease and grace. This harmony, health and wholeness is experienced by all.

I am beyond grateful for the way in which the Law is acting on my word here and now bringing all I have claimed into the shared experience of all on this planet. I release my Word to that Law trusting and know it is already done. I let it be. And So It Is!

prayer for our planet