prayer for our center

Prayer for Our Center
by Syltoya Sterling 

Treatment for Las Vegas CSL
Unconditional love and support expressed in all ways, always.
In the laughter of a child, the smile of a friend
and even in the space between the ground and a soaring eagle,
is The One.
Sometimes called the Creator, others Father,
called many things, but always Oneness.
Oneness with an impulsion of love and a desire to create,
God is the One Presence and Power.
One Source of all, in all.
From this One,
peace and wholeness flows freely to and through
everyone and everything in life.
Being all in all,
the Vitality and Wholeness of God, The Oneness, is present in and through me,
and what is true for me must also be true for others, be this other
person, place or thing.
So without doubt,
I know that Las Vegas CSL is just as vital, whole and a part of the Oneness .
I now see in my mind’s eye
And feel the impression of Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living
as a source of vitality and peace, in my heart,
right here, right now.
The center now embodies and fully expresses the good it was created to demonstrate
in ways it never has before.
The center is now recognized and valued as a place
where all life is honored as an expression of the Divine,
where people go to learn to live accordingly to spiritual truth.
A place where humanity fills seats to awaken to their spiritual magnificence
And abundance and prosperity are so known,
their presence is felt on the streets
leading people to the Center’s doors.
It is here, at Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living,
where one finds peace, harmony, and justice
where resources are valued, cared and shared.
Here, false beliefs are not able to enter, or ever made real
and no fearful thoughts of lack or limitation are given room to grow
For they are exposed as the bloated nothingness they are.
The Center, and all the people in it,
Have a financial surplus for all their needs and
generously give knowing that as they do,
all they do, will be multiplied and returned back to them abundantly.
There is no idea of lack in Spirit and therefore none in the Center.
A sense of calm wells up in me
and flows freely through my body, bringing both release and relief.
I am thankful knowing this Truth
is now being manifested for Las Vegas CSL.
In each cell, muscle, and organ, in each part of my body
I feel this truth manifesting in greater and greater way.
I am grateful for this realization of truth about The Center.
The Law operates according to my thoughts, words and feelings
so I release these words of love and power to the Law
to do just as I have spoken and only better.
I know that The Center is now in the supporting hands of God
So I let go and let God.
And so it is!