Dear Friends and Family,

Do you know who you are? What you believe? Are you living from a place of authenticity? If you can say, “YES” to these questions, it is my belief that you have mastered self-mastery…lol.

This past Sunday, it was my intent to speak about what spirituality is, as opposed to what religion is. I also mentioned a few things that might help to remember to practice to live our best lives. One of them is not taking things personally and the other is to use our daily spiritual practices to create a world that works for us. Manifestation is the natural outcome of my thoughts, words, actions and deeds aligned with my beliefs. As we often say here, “Simple but not easy”! We are always manifesting and sometimes we do not demonstrate that which we want because we are not looking at our beliefs.

I will let you know that since becoming a Practitioner and really understanding that which Science of Mind is, there is more clarity and focus in my life. Clarity and focus provide me that which is essential to know, what to meditate upon, and pray for exactly the condition that would be my ideal experience. Living from a place of self-mastery also has other added benefits such as a deep sense of connection with not only yourself but also all life, which brings about a feeling of joy so that we practice kindness and compassion. So give yourself the gift of you.

There will never be another you and the world is waiting for you to show up in full force. Full force=the most loving and joyous individual that you were meant to be. If you would like any help, please do not hesitate to call Rev Cheryl, myself or anyone on the Ministry of Prayer Team. We are here for you!

Much love,
Rev Staci Hylton