Dear Friends and Family,

Our Sunday talks covered quite a bit of ground this month. February’s theme was All the Colors of Love. We began with our Ministry of Prayer Team, reminding us that all relationships are mirrors of who each of us are. If we do not like the mirror, then we must look within and change ourselves.

The next Sunday, Rev Wanda was called to speak about the great Louise Hay. She taught us that the condition of our bodies begins with our thoughts.

I then continued the theme with a talk about race, and although great work has been done to move us to the place we are currently in this country, there is much more work to be done to create a world that works for all.

Dr. Rima Bonario wrapped it all up with a great talk about sacred sexuality. She encouraged us to realize that expressing love is what we came here to do. Therefore, we must be comfortable and realize that any expression of love is the opportunity to respect and revere our spouses, partners, and/or companions.

As we move into the remembrance that it truly is All God and that we are here to express in our individual form, then we can practice being the love we have come here to be in all aspects of life.

Let us work on tapping into the pure joy and potentiality of LOVE any chance we have and see how that turns out!

Rev. Staci