Rev. Staci and Rev. Cheryl

Dear Family and Friends,

We know you had a fabulous, peaceful, loving Mother’s Day! Seeing you on Sunday with or without your Mother figure was so good. Thank you so much, Frannie, aka (Frannze), for the beautiful Roses and the delicious Apple and Cherry pies. 

As was stated in the message on Sunday, We as Humans tend to fear the unknown and that which we don’t understand. We label, dominate, control, and cast negativity on these spaces as dark and ominous. The Divine Mother principle embodies fertility and creativity in the darkness. It gives birth from the darkness into the light in partnership with both.

 According to Principles of Science of Mind & Spirit, our thoughts shape our reality, what we focus on manifests, and what we resist persists. So NO WONDER we’re afraid of the dark. We make affirmations all the time about the negativity of the mystery of the darkness. We also know from these teachings that the laws of the universe work equally regardless, and we have to use them wisely and carefully. Fire can heat or burn. Gravity can hold or cause things to fall and crash. Electricity can provide light or electrocute.

Suppose our subconscious mind is filled with negativity about the dark. In that case, we are bound to manifest negativity in our experience based on those thoughts and fears. We must gain awareness of these inner dynamics that may sabotage our good and work to change them. Ernest Holmes said, “Change your thinking, change your life.” This practice can be embraced to unlearn our fear of the darkness. The darkness can show us the way home when we’re lost, just as the light can if we trust it and surrender to its magnificence.  

Rev. Staci &
Rev. Cheryl