Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

A big shout out to Practitioner Frannie and those who participated in our Ministry of Prayer Team Sunday Service last week. It is always nice to see the great work that comes from our beloved group of licensed practitioners.

Some of you might wonder what it takes to be a licensed Practitioner at the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living. All Centers have different expectations and agreements, so this is the covenant we have in place for our beloveds.

As a licensed Professional Practitioner, I commit to the following intentions:

Cultivate and maintain an evolving spiritual consciousness through daily spiritual practice, study, Spiritual Mind Treatment, meditation, and visioning;

Model a balanced life inspired by spiritual principles;
Abide by the ethical standards, policies, and procedures of the CSL Policies and Procedure Manual, including the bi-annual license renewal

In loving service to the LVCSL spiritual community, I am a healing presence by freely choosing to:

Serve at the pleasure of the Co-Senior Ministers of LVCSL

Serve as a member of the Ministry of Prayer Team of LVCSL in partnership with the ministers and fellow practitioners;

Serve on the rotation schedule to support Sunday Services;
Participate in the LVCSL Ministry of Prayer;

Be an active member of the LVCSL Practitioner Family to nurture connection, foster clear communication, and inspire the highest creative expression for all;

Be an Active, Loyal, and Supporting member of LVCSL;

Active: Visible/available to guests & attend Sunday services

Loyal: Demonstrate and apply Science of Mind teachings in your activities and your relationships within our spiritual community

Supporting: Share your time, talent, and resources through sacred service and in a financially identifiable manner.

We are blessed to have so many wonderful beings who have chosen to commit to being licensed Practitioners. Although we have plenty of Practitioners, we can never have enough. If you are interested, sign up for a class, and let’s start creating a world that works for yourself and all others.

And So It Is!
Rev Staci