Staci Hilton

Every aspect of Life is an expression of Spirit…
OH MY!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

My mundane (Oh My) moment occurs only every week when we all join together and sing our Peace Song. I look up and see a loving, inclusive community that makes me proud to be a minister and a human being.

The Sacred occurred when Genevieve told her story of being in Montana, realizing the Oneness of God’s amazing gifts, and hearing her express through song.

The Profane happened while watching a story about child labor and chocolate (if interested, please look it up). There was and is always a lot to take in. There doesn’t have to be a reaction or judgment about what doesn’t serve. Yet, sometimes, there is time to sit, reflect, and realize that perhaps there is an opportunity to speak up and out for oneself and humankind.

Whatever the situation, there truly is just the One Thing happening…OH MY!!!! I can’t wait to see our next yet-to-be!