To my spiritual family,

I am so grateful to Rev Wanda for the wisdom, love and joy that she shares whenever she prays or gives the Sunday talk for us. She shows up present, connected and ready to be the Spirit’s conduit. Rev Wanda mentioned on Sunday the idea of contagion. In Dr. Holmes book, Living the Science of Mind he says, “Did you ever notice the contagion of a happy person; one who has an enthusiastic joy in living? His spirit permeates those around him, and the contagion of his personality influences his environment to such an extent that it finally changes it.”

Rev Wanda’s light is contagious and she knows that she has a responsibility to take that to “the streets”. She walks her walk and talks her talk. I truly believe it is what the world needs to understand that each of us has a responsibility to show up, grow up and spread the contagion of our own unique love to one another. Therefore, I am affirming for myself that I am a contagion of love and light! Anyway that comes into my path is welcome to experience it.

Anyone want to be contagious?

Love you all,
Rev Staci