Dear Beloved Spiritual Family,

Rev Cheryl and I are approaching our last day here in Dallas. It has been a wonderful yet different experience. It was different for me because my responsibility has shifted. As an elected member of the Minister Council, one of our roles is to plan and facilitate the annual Ministers Gathering. I was grateful for Rev Wanda’s reminder last week that each of us has to stay in a mindset of being open and aware to life itself.
It is really important to be aware of how we are showing up and make shifts as needed. Showing up as a presenter, facilitator and planner in service to colleagues and friends is much different than hanging out and relaxing with my friends and colleagues. My first thought was that perhaps I would miss out on vacation and relaxation time. Quite honestly, that wasn’t the case at all. If anything, my experience has been fuller and richer because I participated in ALL the activities, workshops, ceremonies and rituals and served people that aren’t often on the receiving end of service.
Thank you Rev Wanda for the humorous and wonderful talk that allowed me to loose my consciousness so that I might serve the best of me to the best of CSL. I look forward to being back with my Vegas family. I will see you all Sunday. I am bringing Sunshine with me!!!
Love you,
Rev Staci