Dear Family,

The good news is that we received double the prayer requests in the boxes this past Sunday. That may sound counterintuitive to some of you, however to release and surrender that which is disturbing one’s mind, and allowing our licensed Practitioners and Ministers to practice and use the law constructively on your behalf helps to create a world that works for everyone.

That is not only good news but great news! The law works both constructively (through prayer) or destructively (through worry, doubt and fear). Worry, doubt and fear are untruths that we all experience and the focus on them create more worry, doubt and fear. I trust that each of you are practicing your affirmation:

I know who I am
I know whose I am
So I consciously move through my day in the awareness of my magnificence

If you are struggling with you knowing your magnificence, Please reach out and allow our wonderful Ministry of Prayer Team to remind you. It truly is our great pleasure.

Love you all,
Rev Staci