Dear Family and Friends,

I pray that those of you that were in attendance the past few weeks have been reminded of the basics of Science of Mind. Rev Dan is up next week and finishes with How to Use It. I had a great time finding the right and perfect things that provided me inspiration to communicate What It Does. Dr. Fred Vogt of Mile High in Denver says this,

What does it do? It changes lives. It changes them
drastically and dramatically. It provides us with a scientific
method for doing so. It eliminates the unwanted elements
from life, producing ever-increasing good. It picks us up and
turns us around to face toward the light and our good and
provides confidence and strength for the journey of life.

Remember the answer to the prayer is in the prayer so just know what your Source is and be clear about the good that is yours. Allow It to do what It does with excitement and confidence in your heart.

Love you all,
Rev. Staci