Dear Family and Friends,

Last Sunday we talked about forgiveness. Those of you that were there may remember that when I asked for anyone that didn’t have someone to forgive to raise their hands, one person raised his hand. That person’s name is Oliver and he shared with me before leaving on Sunday that he didn’t have anyone to forgive because he takes a daily forgiveness shower. He said that some days he might take two or three showers to facilitate him moving from bondage to freedom.

What a wonderful and powerful spiritual practice! I am going to have to adopt that practice and it will work out perfectly because that is where my daily prayer is done. I realize that as long as I am in that shower there is at least one person that needs my forgiveness. That would be me. As human beings many of us have a tendency to withdraw our love and light from others when we feel that our hurt, upset, disappointment or anger is caused from another party.

We feel that this self-punishment is justified and somehow believe that the other person is affected. Well guess what, they may be but the person that is ALWAYS affected is the one holding on to that energy of pain, hurt, anger and disappointment. There is a saying that we all have heard, “Get off the cross, we need the wood”. Honestly, more important that the wood is the world needs you to show up fully. The world needs each of us here expressing that which we truly are because that is a world that works for everyone.

So value yourself enough and give yourself the gift of forgiveness this holiday season. I love and appreciate each of you more than words can express. Enjoy the joy filled season and remember to take your forgiveness showers.

Rev Staci