Staci Hilton

Dear Friends and Family, 

It is always a good time at LVCSL when we honor and celebrate our accomplishments as individuals as well as a community. We were able to celebrate our brand new licensed Practitioners, our seasoned licensed Practitioners, and ministers that serve.

Welcome and be inclusive of a newly licensed Agape minister, and say thank you to one of our licensed Practitioners that has chosen to step away from her role on the Ministry of Prayer Team. Thank you, Tina Grossman, for the gift of your love and service to the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living. We appreciate you sharing your gifts and talents.

We also celebrated the fact that LVCSL (formerly known as The Center-A Model for Positive Living) has officially been around making a difference for twenty years. All of this celebration allowed us to transcend, at least temporarily, the devastation felt twenty years ago in New York.

I want to thank those Practitioners who were not able to make it to service on Sunday, Carmen Rogers and Cristina Rodriguez, and our Outreach Practitioners who are still serving and licensed with us but live in different places (Ardelia Courson and Sabrina Fricks). Marsha Calder, who lives and serves with us but currently serves as a Chaplain, and of course our beloved Rev Anna Kendall, who still serves with us now from her home in Savanah, Georgia.

In my opinion, it is a good day when we can look at the pain and be with it and in the next breath see the good, celebrate life, and turn toward the light.

Rev Staci