Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

There is an Infinite Stream of Abundance and this stream of abundance flows through each and every area of all those that support the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living NOW!

When Rev Cindy Edelson, our guest speaker, let us know that her talk titled would be, You Are Fully Funded, it sparked a familiar feeling of delight. 

As someone that has practiced real estate for quite some time, the talk title reminded me of when a title company or loan officer called to let me know that my client is now fully approved and we are about to close escrow. That meant that loan approval was complete, and all the time and effort put into finding the right and perfect home was now done. As the selling agent, the right and ideal buyer is FULLY approved to buy my seller’s house; I am about to get paid. Yes, those four little words, you are fully funded, brings about a feeling that it is PAYDAY!!!

You have to know those of us in the industry and even those that have bought and sold homes; sometimes, those paydays can take quite a while. Not only do loans take a while to be approved, but as a seller’s agent, finding the right and perfect buyer can take quite a bit of time (not to mention all of the little things that can go sideways). As a buyer’s agent, I have spent up to a year finding the right and perfect home for a buyer (that obviously has not been the case in LV for the past couple of years).

Really my point is that Rev Cindy reminded me that those commission checks from real estate closings were never my Source. My job is not my Source. My Source always is conspiring for my good, and my good is my God.

I remember working so hard to close more deals and never fully appreciating the fact that my birthright, my Truth is that I am always funded. It is the design of the Universe for me to be fully funded. That isn’t just my Truth but the Truth of all of us.

Thank you, Rev Cindy, for opening my mind and heart to who I really am. If any of you reading this need a gentle reminder, please feel free to give me a call. It is my privilege to remind you of who you are and what the Truth about you really is.


Rev Staci Hylton