Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

Our Practitioners had the opportunity to display their talents this past Sunday, and they gave a whole new meaning to showing up and showing out. Wow, Wow, Wow, and more Wow! A licensed Practitioner is someone that serves by knowing Truth, and they pray from that place. Their job is to be a clear channel of Truth and pray from that place. They are each called to do this on a daily basis without question or hesitation.

I constantly remind our community that our MOP Team is the Foundation that we stand upon. Thanking them continuously is still not enough for what they all do. With that being said, the gift that each of the souls that participated in service this past Sunday is that they shared their various gifts and talents from a place of authenticity and love for each person viewing the service.

There was a willingness to try new things and trust the God of their being. I realize that it was a short amount of time; however, if you don’t have an opportunity to be in the spotlight very often, the courage and trust that it takes to step up in front of a microphone to share your voice in any capacity is what truly speaks to my heart.

Thank you, Ministry of Prayer Team, for sharing who you are with the rest of the world. Thank you for jumping off the high dive, even if you were unsure how and where you would land. Thank you for your continued gift of service to our community, Las Vegas, and the World. Thank you for the commitment to being the change the world so desperately needs, and modeling that if you show up and trust in the God of your being, all things are possible.

Each of you are divine expressions of the One.
You each inspire me!

Rev. Staci