Staci Hilton

Dear Friends and Family, 

The Beloved Sunshine Daye was absolutely what my heart and soul needed last Sunday. I adore how she shows up in life.

She had a wonderful time with our community, and she was able to “show up and show out,” as only Rev Sunshine can do. Her community in Downey, CA, has not re-opened, and so it had to be a wonderful feeling to receive the energy of our gratitude and love back from all of us in person.

Thank all of you who were in attendance to give back the love and energy she gave to each of us and allow her to feel how Las Vegas CSL comes together as one of Centers for Spiritual Living’s many Beloved Divine Communities.

Let us all keep practicing being our absolute best version of ourselves as we move through the appearance of this thing called a pandemic and know that our music team, practitioners, and ministers are all here to lift each other up as we continue our path of creating a world that works for all.

Rev Staci