Dear Friends and Family,

I love the song that Patty sang so beautifully last week, Love Can Build A Bridge, I love the energy of those that were here in the building and those watching online,

I love Rev Patricia’s centering, I love that we have a new Practitioner (Sabrina) that chose to be here in person and gave us a beautiful prayer, I love all the volunteers that make this thing go every week no matter what,

I love Rev Cheryl for her dedication and all the thought she puts into running this Center, I love Rev Wanda’s messages that provide me with humor and food for thought each and every time she speaks,

I love myself, I love this teaching which reminds me to show up and be love, and I love the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living for it has provided me the place and space to grow into my highest and best self.

With all that love that I am receiving, I feel that I am strong enough to be the bridge to facilitate anything that comes my way as we move through all the many opportunities for growth and change.

Anyone with me? Oh, and I love you too!

Rev Staci