Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

A man was walking along an Oregon beach deep in prayer. He had been contemplating Universal Peace and visualizing a world that works for everyone. All of a sudden, the grey overcast parted, the sun came out, and a booming voice said, “Because you have been so selfless, I will grant you one wish.” Taken by surprise, the man said, “Build a bridge to Hawaii so I can drive over anytime I want to.” God answered, “Your request is very materialistic. Think of the logistics of that kind of undertaking; the supports required to reach the bottom of the Pacific, the concrete and steel it would take. I can do it, but it is hard for me to justify your desire for such worldly things. Take a little more time to think of another wish, a wish you think would honor and glorify me.” The man thought for a long time and finally said, “God, I wish that all people would get along, that strife between the races would fall away, and that true equality would be found here on Earth.” After a few minutes, God said, “How many lanes do you want on that bridge?” -Rev. Scott Awbrey

Please remember to laugh, play, smile, and enjoy your lives while creating a world that works for all!

Rev. Staci