Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

Here’s an exercise to bring great energy to your money: Take out a paper and draw a line down the middle. Mark the first side as column a, mark the other side column b. Look over your bank account for the past 30 days and write down all your non-essential purchases in column a. This includes things like unneeded spending on lattes, junk food, entertainment, gadgets, etc. Now, in column b, write down all the things you’d like to have money for to pursue things you’re passionate about. This might be things like dance lessons, tai chi or yoga classes, a pottery workshop, an industry conference, a mountain bike, you get the idea. See what you can remove from column a to make more room for the things in column b. Cash in your passion.

– unknown

Thank you, Rev Wanda, for sparking within me the desire to re-examine my own finances.

The above-referenced quote was provided by Rev. Scott Awbrey. It is an exercise about allowing the non-essentials to take a back seat to that which you are truly desiring and passionate about in this now moment.

I wholeheartedly believe in the saying that energy flows where attention goes, and/or energy goes where intention and attention goes. So I have decided to take this month to contemplate and re-examine those areas which are non-essential in my life so that I can put more good, more flow, and more energy in the form of dollars into that which always provides me with the tools for transformation that allow me to create my reality.

Las Vegas CSL has always offered me a like-minded community, classes, workshops, and Sunday Services with inspirational music, prayer, and messages that allow me to meet each and everything that is on my bucket list to “cash in my passion” I am putting my money on LVCSL. I trust others will join me. 


Rev Staci Hylton