Staci Hilton

The Beloved Community is a collection of individuals who are learning how to love themselves, one another, and the universe.
Regardless of what name we give this idea, it is the same thing-the creation of the experience of belonging and experiencing the wonders of who we are individually and collectively.” 


It is a place where purpose and passion meet, where we practice being the person we desire to be and support others in that effort. It is where our faith in spiritual principles is realized as genuine compassion and service. 


It is not a place of struggle but of continual progress toward a vision. That progress may have its ups and downs, but there is a sense of forward motion and of being involved in something vital.”

–Creating The Beloved Community by Dr. Jim Lockard.

Dear Family and Friends,

Dr. Jim Lockard wrote the above quote on the first page of his book, and it speaks to what Rev Cheryl and I have in mind for the Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living. We have seen us come through many things, and we both feel so blessed to have a group of individuals who are willing to continue moving towards the idea of awakening humanity to its spiritual magnificence, which in turn creates a world that works for all.

Some days are better than others. Sometimes it feels as though it is one step forward and two steps back, and other days maybe 50 steps back. What I do know, as Rev Cheryl said on Sunday, is that each day that I walk through the doors here, I know that the world is a better place because of our moving together towards a common dream.

Thank you for sharing in the dream. We certainly feel loved and supported, and we trust that you feel loved and supported by both of us.

Rev. Staci