Dear Friends and Family,

Parable shared in an article in the November 2020 Science Of Mind magazine titled The Collective Heart of Humankind is Suffering by Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones-pg. 65

As a father and his two young children boarded the cramped city bus, they discovered seats toward the rear. The bus no sooner pulled away from the stop when the two youngsters began running back and forth, up and down the aisle, screaming and carrying on. Their father sat stoically, appearing not to care.
After a bit, many of the passengers started to mumble; some even turned and glared disapprovingly at the father who just sat there with a blank look on his face, staring straight ahead. Eventually, the bus came to a halt at the man’s destination, and as he stood up, the kids ran down the aisle ahead of him.
Before stepping off, he paused and turned to the passengers saying, “Please forgive my children. We are returning from the hospital where their mother just died, and they don’t yet know how to deal with their feeling about the loss.”

Dear Friends and Family,

I trust that each of you had the perfect Thanksgiving Day. It may not have been like years past however each of us had the opportunity to have the right and perfect experience for ourselves and our loved ones and society at large. Believe me, I was supposed to go to LA to visit my family and then attend my stepmother’s mom’s memorial service this afternoon.

We have spent an entire month speaking about being compassionate conduits and on some level my choice to not go visit family does not seem very compassionate. After all, my dad is in his mid-70s and I did not make the choice to go home last year, so I have not seen my dad, stepmom, brother, nephew or sister since 2018. In this teaching we are always, discussing choice and perhaps maybe we give the idea that all choices are easy.

Believe me, I know that making a choice is not always easy however if we are silent and listen to our higher selves the answers come. After we hear the answer, we must move forward and practice not judging ourselves for it. As we like to say in Science of Mind, “It is simple, but not easy.”

Please know that if you find yourself having to make a difficult decision and want a sounding board, that Rev Cheryl and I are always available. Happy Holidays! My Holiday wish is for us to each practice being loving, practice compassion and practice being joyful. If we all decide that we will practice these ways of being, then we might make this the best Holiday season yet. We can do it, even in the year of 2020. We just have to each make the decision.

Rev Staci