Staci Hilton

Gratitude-Feeling grateful
Appreciation-Acting on a feeling of gratitude and showing someone gratitude.

Dear Family and Friends,

Most of us were taught to say “Thank You” very early on in life when we are given something from someone. Our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, and others let us know that this is the proper and polite way of accepting a gift or offering. The words, although lovely, often seem to come out of many of our mouths mindlessly. It is the most common action taken to show gratitude; however, it does not always come from an authentic place of appreciation.

I am not sure how many of us were aware of what was shared on Sunday about the real story behind Thanksgiving and if you realize the day after Thanksgiving is Native American Heritage Day. This, in my opinion, seems to be a little counter-intuitive. Given the history, it feels very un-appreciative to celebrate Native American Heritage Day at the time of year when many Native Americans practice a Day of Mourning and Un-Thanksgiving.

Perhaps that is just my take on it (it is my tendency to overthink things). The question that comes up for me is what is mine to do with this information now that it has presented itself. Well, where do I fall short in my expression of appreciation? It is my intention to practice giving authentic appreciation and not mindless thank yous.

For instance, I now choose to honor and celebrate the month of November by learning more about my Native American brothers and sisters. This seems to be a very small act given all that they sacrificed; however, it is authentic and can be done with ease and grace. I choose to appreciate my many blessings in my own life and choose to authentically give my gifts to express more awareness, love, and light to all those that choose to listen.

For those of us that are preparing for our nationwide Thanksgiving Day Celebration, perhaps you can take a moment to shift awareness from dinner and your individual families and take a moment to offer a prayer of appreciation for all life. I cannot think of a better way to create a world that works for all.

Will you join me?

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Rev. Staci