Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

As much as I have tried to deny and bury my head in the sand, it is now time to look at that which is now undeniable. I have done my prayer work, and yet nothing has shifted, I have written a worksheet about it (tool from the Quantum Living Process), and now all that is seemingly left to do is for me to accept and move forward. So, here is the authentic action that I am taking.

I am admitting to all that are reading this P.S. that I am not ready for the holiday season! Ok, it is done; it is written and out to all that receive the e-bulletin. I am a CSL minister. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and Thanksgiving Eve Service is one of my favorite services to help put together. Yet, there is a feeling of not being ready for it to be the holiday season.

Perhaps it is the fact that the weather is not in alignment with my expectations for this time of year; maybe it is the fact that this whole year seems to have been just a continuation of last year. To be completely honest, a few moments of each day seems to be contemplating what year and what month it is.

Whatever the reason, what I know for sure is that next Thursday is Thanksgiving. Since there is this law called the Law of Correspondence/ the Law of Attraction, I suspect many of you might be feeling the same way.

So here is my plan, I will be thankful for All the Good that I have in my life. I am going to see Beauty and Grace and be open and accepting to all of it. I am going to release any negative feelings and judgments about that, which is time to release and let go of and forgive myself for not having done that up until this very moment, and lastly, I am going to go out and spread love to all that choose to accept it.

That’s my plan, and please feel free to join me in this. If I stick to it, I know how this will turn out!

Rev. Staci