Staci Hilton

Dear Family and Friends,

I am so grateful for Dr. Si’s powerful message this past Sunday. Honestly, I had not yet figured out what the talk titled Roots and Wings was supposed to be about, as it applies to the monthly theme (Home). However, the message really resonated with my heart and soul. Thank you, Dr. Si, for sharing your gift with LVCSL. We love and appreciate you and your wisdom.

The above-referenced quote reminds me of my idea of home. My idea of that which is always at the center of my being is deathless and changeless, and it loves me so much that it will never abandon me. The deeper that one allows Spirit to be centered, anchored, rooted, and grounded in one’s life, the more likely they are to find their wings and soar to wherever one chooses. Yet one will always know where home truly is.



Rev Staci Hylton