Dear Friends and Family,

Well, we find ourselves in a holding pattern as we await the final results of the election. What has become clearer for me is that no matter how this election turns out, we have work to do as a Nation to truly be the United States of America. Whatever side of the fence, you find yourself politically, I believe that is what has come forth through this process.

I must say that I have enjoyed watching this great country to go through this process. It is fascinating! I believe that our time here is no accident, and if we genuinely want to create a world that works for all, we must continue the good work that we are doing in this teaching.

It is time for us to move ahead and get to know and understand one another on a deeper level; however, that is not truly possible until we understand ourselves. The new year is coming up, and all the clear vision that has been gifted this year with COVID will not go away. Fortunately, or unfortunately, you can not un-see once you have seen.

So sit tight as you await the results and look within to remember your magnificence. If Rev Cheryl or myself can support you on your journey, please feel free to reach out. We love you and support you right where you are.

Rev Staci