Staci Hilton

“There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

-William Shakespeare

Dear Family and Friends,

Some time ago, I realized that we are all here on this plane and show up in one another’s lives for a purpose. Life is not random. Many times, we may not have thought about it in that sense, but the Truth is we are all teaching whoever comes across our path some way to do something or some way to be.

After all, we are all one and all connected. We also have teachers in the true sense of the word. Those people have great wisdom, great experience, and, most often, some formal training that is responsible for our growth in a specific area.

I am always humbled by experiences when an opportunity for growth appears. Instead of turning in the other direction, I choose to go down the path of resistance, which is unfamiliar, unsettling, and unnerving, where every inch of vulnerability is required.

One of my newer teachers, Dr. Rima Bonario, gave the Sunday message this past Sunday, and it was spot on, as always. She reminded us that we are all creators and that each of us is the Source of what we are seeking, there is nothing outside of Spirit, and we get to create by our state of being. After service, I witnessed her walk that “scary” path easily and gracefully.

Without going into the whole story, I unintentionally (unconsciously) was the Source of creating an uncomfortable and simply uneasy situation. The only way that it could be corrected (although it was unbeknownst to me at the time) was my taking Dr. Rima’s talk to heart and being at ease in my mind and body, knowing the Truth of Dr. Rima, stating that Truth to the universe by means of prayer, and forgiving myself for that which I created. It is said that “all is well that ends well .”Thank you, Dr. Rima, for once again stepping into the role of my teacher. You, my friend, are a blessing, and I now officially let myself off the hook.  

Rev Staci Hylton